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Facilities Information

The School Board of District 111  recognizes that all school district facilities, both indoor and outdoor, belong to the school district residents and further encourage the responsible use of school district facilities by individuals or programs. Community organizations, associations and groups are welcome to use district facilities for appropriate activities that do not interfere with operations and interests of the school district.

The school board authorizes the Community Education Department to schedule and supervise the community’s use of school district buildings, grounds and equipment as outlined in School District 111 Facility Use Policy #902.



To request the use of a District 111 facility, submit a facility use contract. Please allow 10 days to process your request. Once your request is approved, you will receive confirmation of your facility request. All renters must provide a Certificate of Liability.  Facility request will NOT be approved without complete documentation.  


Watertown-Mayer students who participate in a school-sponsored activity can reserve a facility to prepare for their activity. Students are required to have an adult supervisor identified prior to reserving the facility and they must be present for the duration of their facility booking. Please contact our Facility Director to reserve a facility. A minimum of 3 business days is required to ensure your booking. 



Community residents who are interested in renting a facility for an activity, event or other interest can contact our WM Community Ed. Rental packages available include but are not limited to the following. 

  • Gym Party Package: $85 / 2hrs
  • Pool Party Package $95 / 2hr
  • Senior Pictures $10hr
  • Events in our Community Lounge $50 /3hrs or $100/ 6hrs

Watertown-Mayer Community Education
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Facilities Use Information

Amy Dimmler

 Amy Dimmler
Community Education Director

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Tracey Taylor
Facilities Coordinator